Betty Bee Hair

A business card design for a stylist with particular tastes.

Betty Bee Hair is the brain child of Betty Westerman, an off the wall hair stylist with trend setting ideas and class leading cutting skills. Betty came to me with a simple brief to create a business card that was simplistic, professional and sold her as a person as well as a brand.

The Brief

Betty Bee is a lady with particular tastes and from the offset she was assured of what she wanted, a simple but not understated signature design. With a straight text block for contact details on the back.

Black and white, obviously.

The Process

While I was working with a simple design and clear instruction, this was not a “that’ll do” project. Betty Bee needs a business card that is just right, so changes to the thickness of the lines, positioning of the text and size of the border were all made.

The Result

The end result is looks simple but is more involved than it may look: Black is not black, but an extremely dark grey. The white is actually ‘off white’ and the final finish as a slight ‘carbon fibre’ effect placed over it.