Filmscape Media

A bold redesign for one of London’s top independent film production companies.

Filmscape media was established in 2005 by two independent filmmakers who wanted to create a company that supplied the latest digital technology to a new generation of digital filmmakers.

The Brief

Filmscape briefed Little Shock to completely overhaul the look and feel of their website, to compete with others in a profession that is own for it’s attention to detail and cutting edge technologies. They pointed me at their competitors websites and they simply instructed:


The Process

Working with Filmscape’s core brand colours was a dream, pink and black is a fantastic base for a modern and stylish web design. We began taking bold design choices and the Filmscape team put their faith in me to produce them a finished article that would shine beyond it’s core elements.

On of the biggest changes from the clients previous design to their new website is the News Wall feature. Rather than opt for a traditional (and sometimes dull blog style) we opted to build an interactive ‘mouse over’ tile system to preview their latest news.

The Result

By reassuring the client that the colour choices and large scale design changes would be prove to be a wise decision, myself and Filmscape worked side by side to create them a customer facing product that makes a strong first impression and gets them noticed above their competitors.

One of my favourite web design projects to date.

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