Design of a logo for a brand new London based IT company.

SJKD LTD is a freelance IT company from South West London. They provide IT support for all kinds of businesses on a freelance, contract basis – part of the ever growing self employed UK community.

The Brief

To give the company a professional appearance beyond their size, SJKD LTD asked Little Shock to put together a simple company logo to put on their website, invoices and general digital presence.

The Process

Using a high impact font and fun colours, this simple but very effective logo design is robust enough to use anywhere. The logo was originally designed with the concept of changing the background colour to suit each particular forma (e.g. Blue for Facebook, green for invoices)

A fun idea to bring to the small time project.

The Result

The end result is a logo that can be placed on any document of social channel with little to no need for adaptation or editing. This is perfect for a small company with limited in-house design skills, a great logo that is functional and grabs attention.

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