Third Unit

A clean and striking design for a new technology company.

Note: As of early 2017, this project is still in development – Third Unit is waiting for stock of products before launch.

Third Unit is a brand new technology company, specialising in new and innovative products that support people working in the film industry. After working with the owners of Third Unit on another project, they chose to hire me again to help them build their new site and their new brand.

The Brief

Third Unit desired a website that would fit their industry, look sleek and professional and give off a strong technology vibe across the site.

Third Unit gave me simple branding and a logo to work with from there on they were more than happy to give me free reign on producing a design that reflected their vision for the company and it’s products.

The Process

Creating a colour palette for the website, based on the company logo and a initial branding ideas, I created a clean design with off-whites, greys and a striking green line that features across the website.

To reflect the technological angle, a solid, robotic style typeface was chosen in the form of Dosis. To give some emphasis to important information on the website, UPPERCASE was chose to give a bold and striking feature.

The single most important elements of the Third Unit website are its products. It was important to our work together that these were displayed in a professional, clean and clear manner.

In addition to the slider image on the homepage, images are featured in an interactive way, as part of selectors, ‘lightbox’ galleries and as attention grabbing ways to accompany text.

The Result

The final version of the Third Unit website is functional, modern, bold and clear. It has a great user interface, interactive features, which display the company’s products and ethos in a way that is inviting and welcoming to users.

The branding, layout and bold design appeal to the creative client base of Third Unit and the use of colour, mixed with white space ensure that the website gives a grand scale appearance with surprisingly little content.

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