Wandsworth Tree Wardens

A basic website design for a local not for profit organisation. Functionality on a budget!

Wandsworth Tree Wardens are a local not for profit organisation, they monitor, protect and plant trees in the borough of Wandsworth, London. Working alongside local council and helping to recruit members to help out.

The Brief

Wandsworth Tree Wardens approached me to help them produce their first ever website. To guarantee extra funding from the Wandsworth council, they needed to increase their public visibility and further their organisations cause.

From the offset, it was made clear that as a not for profit, budget would be a major factor for Wandsworth Tree Wardens. So I got to work producing the best site I could on a small budget.

The Process

Using WordPress, as well as a template with some predesigned elements, I was able to spend my time working with the client to agree a colour palette, functional features of the site and the overall look and feel for the website.

To give the website character and personality, it was important to the client that the website had some great, high resolution photography. So to maximise the budget as far as we could, I also captured and processed all the header photography for the website – all from Wandsworth!

The Result

Working closely together was the key to producing this website on a tight budget. The client provided all the copy that I needed to get the site populated and in return I worked as efficiently as possible to deliver a functional and informative website with no frills.

I have since gone on to produce another charity’s website as a result of this work.

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